Cats wanting Delectables lickable cat treat stew.

About Delectables

Delectables Lickable Treat are cat treats so delicious, that they’ll lick the bowl clean! With a variety of textures and flavors, these lickable cat treats are loved by both finicky eaters and cat parents alike. Products span kitten, adult, and senior life stages.

Delectables Squeeze Up treats are fun and interactive. The rich puree in our easy-to-hold, handheld tube makes hand feeding and bonding with your pet easy and clean. They’ll be pawing at you for more!

Delectables Squeeze Up hand held lickable cat treat.

Squeeze Up

Delectables Squeeze Up treats are a delicious, interactive, squeezable treat. Turn snack time into a true bonding moment!

Squeeze Up tubes come in a thick and creamy puree texture with enticing flavors that are so delicious, your cat will paw for
more! NO Mess, ALL love!

Delectables cat treats come in a variety of textures. Stew, Bisque, Pate, Savory Broths and Chowder.


Delectables lickable cat treats come in five unique textures: Stew, Bisque, Chowder, Soft Paté and Savory Broths. Delicious wet texture allows your cat to enjoy fish, meat and juices together, rather than only being able to lick the sauce while having to leave the meat behind.

These wet cat treats are so delicious that your cat will lick the bowl clean, and love you for it!

delectable lickable cat treats being eaten from a bowl.

Non-Seafood Flavors

Delectables non-seafood flavors are made without any fish or other seafood ingredients so even the most finicky cat can find a flavor they love.